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An introductory workshop to voice-opening process Free Voice Spirit will take place in Zagreb on 10 and 11 July.

Facilitators are:
Sanja Novko, shiatsu therapist and yogini
Renata Pokupić, vocal soloist and voice teacher
Maya Zarkovic, counsellor and musician
From being a simple signalling device to the conveyance of deep meanings, our voice is a means of communication. It is also an expressive device of our emotions, a messenger of our truth, windows to our soul, link to the divine … And yet, we take it for granted and rarely take time to nourish it unless we use it in our work. Thus, an exceptional possibility for personal growth and expansion, as well as healing, remains unveiled to us.
The Free Voice Spirit, a voice opening process, offers a unique experience that brings us closer to our voices and, through them, to various dimensions of our existence. You will learn how to approach your voice with care, love and joy. The process consists of exercises that relax the body to bring out our authentic voice.
The workshop is open to beginners and professionals, regardless of age, experience and vocal ability. Also, if you have been told that you “don’t have the musical ability” or that “your voice is not good”, join us and find out the opposite.
Please write to to get the application form. Write now; the number of participants is limited. The workshop is free.

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