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Free Voice Spirit

Process & Retreats

Unveil the miraculous power of your voice by opening the body
in lessons, workshops and retreats with top teaching and sound healing

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I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about
who hears or what they think.

- Rumi

Open Your Voice

All levels and ages: beginners, intermediate level, advanced, amateur, professional
Speaking voice, singing voice, whispering voice, the voice of an actor, a teacher, a student, ...
... simply: my voice ...

You are here because:

Complete Beginners: Welcome

♦  you were told that you don't have musical ability and you want to check whether you can improve
- YES, we all have musical abilities Read more

  you would like to learn how to sing or speak with ease
- YES, even if you have never sung, you CAN learn to sing and improve your singing, and/or speaking skills Read more

Advanced and Professional: Welcome

  you use your voice professionally and need to improve your skill or your art
- YES, you can improve and speak or sing with ease Read more

  you are confident but need more encouragement
- YES, learn how to perform from a deeply relaxed state Read more

  you would like to explore the connection between body and voice and feel the healing power of the voice
- YES, the voice starts in the body and it carries powerful sound vibrations  Read more

  you were told that whatever you have to say, it is not important and you want to change those hurtful beliefs that you internalised a long time ago
- YES, we want to hear what you want to express and want to help you share it Read more

  you feel you have a lot to say but you don't dare to express yourself for fear of failure
- YES you can develop a deeper sense of self-confidence and self-worth and learn to work with the inner judge Read more

Who We Are

We are curious, creative women with knowledge and experience who want to share our explorations with you. We want to change the world by opening the channels of beauty, free expression, and creativity around us. We want to contribute to the healing of the planet. We want to bring Nature to the core of our lives by finding and expressing our true, authentic inner nature. One of the most important ways to do this is through the opening of the voice. So we invite you to join our courses and let yourself show up and shine!

Maya Zarkovic

Holistic Counsellor and Creative Professional: musician, violinist, manager, broadcaster, author, voice coach, groups facilitator. Studied at Royal College of Music in London, UCL Institute of Education, the City of London University and Working With People™ School of Counselling. Trained in Autogenic Training and the psychology of music and sports.

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Renata Pokupić

Internationally renowned concert and opera singer and singing teacher at the Music Academy of Zagreb. Performances include ROH Covent Garden, London Handel Festival, Wigmore Hall, Paris Théâtre du Châtelet, Opéra de Lille, Flemish Opera, Washington Opera, Chicago Opera, LA Opera among many other venues and festivals globally.

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Sanja Novko

Body-work therapist, certified physiotherapist, shiatsu therapist and teacher at International Shiatsu School Croatia, yoga practitioner and Who is In retreats facilitator. Her deep understanding and knowledge of the human body functions have brought a broader exploration of ways that our bodies contribute to our overall wellbeing, and to the opening of our voices.

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The human voice is the organ of the soul.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

What We Do

The Free Voice Spirit expands and elevates one's self-confidence and self-worth by opening one's voice through opening the body. Our programs combine professional vocal coaching and body exercises with personal development work that removes one's inner obstacles to free expression. We are here to ignite and support your process of liberating expression.

Group Workshops

One of our specialities is working with groups where the beginners meet the advanced participants. The power of sharing, enquiry techniques and our methods make each individual expand and improve beyond one's expectations.

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Individual Lessons

You can book in-person and/or online lessons with all three, two, or only one of us. We will devise a special programme around your particular unique needs and issues. It can be the first-ever voice lesson in your life, or you want to improve your already highly developed professional vocal skills.

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Online Teaching

We offer group and individual online lessons and courses. Our online methods are highly effective and achieve the same level of development as our live in-person courses and lessons.

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Our Programs for You

We are dedicated to our personal growth and constantly develop new insights into teaching and coaching.
We will devise a unique program for you to meet most of your needs and issues around free expression and voice, that suits your current level and style.

Free Voice Spirit Retreats

  • Take place in towns or at beautiful retreats situated in nature or by the sea
  • Each participant can choose to work only within the group or can get additional individual lessons
  • From beginners to professionals - all styles
  • No previous musical knowledge is needed
  • There is a possibility to perform at the end of the course

Individual lessons

  • Depending on your level, expectations and issues, we devise a unique programme for you. It consists of a particular combination of body exercises, relaxation methods and voice lessons that will lead you to the next performance level.
  • You might work with the team or a combination of teachers
  • You can choose to have standard singing lessons only or voice coaching lessons, or body workout only

Online Sessions and Courses

  • Individual lessons: Check here to find out what technical equipment you need
  • For group online workshops, you will need your usual equipment


  • Improved voice
  • Improved public performance
  • Strengthened self-confidence
  • Removing obstacles to free expression
  • Learning how to work on inner judge issues
  • Finding your true inner Nature and expressing it
  • Learning how to use sound of your voice for wellbeing

Free-admission Online Introduction

We offer 3 free introductory voice opening online courses in October and November 2021

1 Connect voice and body
What is the connection between voice and body and how we speak and sing from the body

2 Sing with ease
Making a step further: how to feel our true inner Nature and release the voice

3 Feel the Free Voice Spirit
How to sense and express our inner Nature freely in everyday life, through speaking or singing


Let's Go!

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This workshop offers a unique experience of exploring how voice fully depends on our bodies and how persons of different voice skills interact and spontaneously help each other find their authentic voice.

During this workshop was the first time in my life that I thoroughly liked the sound of my voice when I heard it!


Body-Work Practitioner

The facilitators created a safe space so I felt free to be moved by the enchanting performances, sing in front of the tribe with confidence, expose myself, have faith in myself. I feel proud because I came out of my comfort zone.

The workshop opened the whole new world that has been hidden from me so far: playing with my voice, with a song, with the sound.



Watching you three is witnessing truly pure unity and love for what you do, service, passing on your skills to the participants with generosity ... and all this through wonderful playfulness ... It is truly immensely valuable!


Standing in our power demands that we be vulnerable, listen to our own voice, and take risks outside the comfort of what we know.

- Debbie Ford

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